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Justin Bullock is knowledgeable in the home selling business. I spoke with him concerning selling my home to Prime buyers. After going over my situation, He explained to me in a very caring and knowledgeable way why the company is not a fit for me right now. Justin also explained pros and cons of going another route of selling my home that would work out better for me! Definitely highly recommend Mr. Justin Bullock to any and everyone who is looking to sell through Prime Buyers. He spent a considerable amount of time going over every option of selling my home that would be to my best interest! Thanks Justin

Zauryia Aunistey
Zauryia Aunistey April 10, 2024

Very professional and helpful. Great to work with. Highly recommend :-)

Eric Turney
Eric Turney April 2, 2024

Awesome team to work with! Incredibly professional and easy to talk to. They make the whole process feel so easy, you barely have to stress over anything. Definitely reach out to them if you're thinking about selling your home - they're great!

Julia Harashchak
Julia Harashchak April 2, 2024

Prime Buyers is top notch. Super professional, extremely knowledgeable with what they do, and work hard to bring their clients the best home value possible. Dennis Boboc is absolutely the best and I highly recommend if you’re looking to sell your home.

Chad Cahoy
Chad Cahoy March 10, 2024

Great company to work with! High standards and they work with integrity

Mike Boyea
Mike Boyea February 5, 2024

The team at Prime Buyers was really great to work with. They were really transparent and I really enjoyed working with them. Would highly recommend checking them out

Ashley Hightower
Ashley Hightower February 5, 2024

Every interaction I’ve had with Prime buyers has been pleasant and professional . Very happy with our deal

Eric Brewer
Eric Brewer February 3, 2024

I bought my home from Prime Buyers. The process was explained to me thoroughly throughout the process. Very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and the process was quick. I highly recommend choosing this company.

Ziona Banks
Ziona Banks February 1, 2024

Very professional group that was more than helpful in every step of the process. I couldn’t recommend them enough if you are looking to sell your house.

Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore January 30, 2024

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  • Cleanup and Repair Stress

  • Showings and Open Houses

  • Long Sales Prices, Often 2-3+ Months