Tehachapi House Rehab Update

Tehachapi rehab update
Video Transcription

Speaker 1: Okay, this is the front house, 316 East I Street in Tehachapi. Replacing windows today. Going to get them all replaced by the end of the day. Everything’s cleaned out now. This is the living room, kitchen, two bedrooms down here, and a bathroom. And then that looks into the backyard. That’s the backhouse across the fence.

So, one thing we’re going to do is … this used to be a car port. What I’m thinking of doing is turning this into an office, and turning this into a bedroom. This is all technically car port, but we’ll tear down those shelves on both sides, and get rid of that sliding door, put it in a regular passage door, and that’ll be a bedroom kind of at the end of the office. So, it’ll be a three bedroom. That’ll be really good.

We’re going to leave the cabinets, but replace the countertops. Paint the cabinets. Replace the door hardware. Just do all the basic cosmetic stuff. There’s some floor flooring work we have to do where the floor’s kind of starting to rot out. We’ll tear down these shelves, because they’re starting to fall apart. Replace them. Fix that floor. That’ll be for the laundry room.

And everything else is pretty basic. We do have to replace the fascia outside, and put in some drip edge. But for the most part, this won’t be too bad. Put in a tile surround there. I don’t know if we’ll replace the tub. We may, but we’ll have to do a few things in the bathroom. But that’s about it.

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