Common Questions About Closing With a Home Buying Company

If you have made the wise decision to avoid the hassle of a traditional sale and sell your home to a home buying company, you might be wondering about the next steps. Surprisingly, once you have accepted the offer there is nothing left to do but close. This is vastly different from a conventional sale where you are inundated with home inspections, appraisals, and contractors while waiting on funding. Closing with a home buying company is quite simple as well. Read on to learn the answers to common questions about closing with a home buying company.

Where Do I Go?

Closing always takes place at a reputable title company. This ensures that the transaction is legal, binding, and aboveboard in every way. A title company near you will be selected, and all you have to do is show up at the appointed time. After signing a few documents, you can walk away, cash in hand.

What Should I Bring?

On closing day you can pack pretty light! First, you will need to bring a government issued ID. This will be used to confirm your identity before signing the necessary documents. Second, you might be instructed to bring the house keys. That is it as far as what you should bring. What you don’t need to bring is your checkbook. All closing costs will be covered by the home buying company; you don’t have to pay a penny.

How Fast Can I Close?

Oftentimes, how fast you close depends on how fast you want to close. Home buying companies are willing to work with you in whatever you need. If you need out fast, you can generally close in just seven days. In fact, in times of desperation it is possible to close the same day that you accept the offer. 

The only thing easier than selling your home to a home buying company is closing with a home buying company. The selling process is paired down from a major hassle to barely lifting a finger. At closing, all you have to do is show up and sign your name. Home buying companies do everything they can to make the home-selling process as painless as possible. 

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