Close Fast With a Cash Home Buyer

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Maybe you have time to make the necessary repairs on your home, find an agent, clean from top to bottom, get your house listed, endure countless showings, wait for an offer, and then sit patiently while your buyers secure funding. Or, if you are like most people, you might need to close fast. If speed is your need, you can quicken things up with a cash buyer.

Fewer Inspections

One of the downsides of selling a home is the need for seemingly constant inspections. Waiting on notoriously backlogged inspectors inevitably prolongs the process. With a cash buyer, you might be able to get by with fewer inspections. At the very least, lenders require an appraisal and a wood-destroying insect inspection. In certain situations, they might even require a home inspection. Many cash buyers are happy to forego some of these inspections. 

Possibly Sell As-Is

Many cash buyers are willing to purchase your home as-is, even if your property requires some fairly significant repairs. Examples include house-flippers and cash home buying companies. Selling your home as-is can take months off of the process. Contractors are known for taking longer than expected on home repairs and renovations. Unfortunately, most buyers will only look twice at a home if it is in tip-top condition. If you can find a cash buyer and sell your home as-is, you could save big on both time and money.

No Waiting on Funding

A final reason you can significantly save time with a cash buyer is that there is no waiting on funding. Even after you have accepted an offer and a contract is on the table, you generally have to wait weeks on your buyer’s mortgage company to dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s. With a cash buyer, there is no need to wait on funding. Once the contract is signed and everything is settled, there is nothing to stop you from a quick closing. 

You can sell your home the long, hard way if that’s what you want. Or, you can simplify things by finding a cash buyer. With a cash buyer, you can speed things up significantly. It’s always nice to know that you do have options.

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