Selling a house is a nerve-wracking experience. If you’re listing your home, you might be wondering, “when is the worst time to sell a home?”

Winter, spring, summer, fall, is there a good season or time of year to list your home to sell? There’s always a ton to consider before selling a home, but did you ever think about when people are most likely to search and buy new homes? Let’s look a bit deeper into the topic.

Why the time of year matters

The time of year you list your home for sale has a significant impact on how much you’ll end up making. According to research from Redfin, the best time to sell your house is in the early spring. The average home sells for $4,000 more when listed and sold in March than any other time of the year. The season you choose to list and sell your home will significantly impact the price and interest in your property. Home values vary depending on where you live and what’s happening in the market at that time.

During the winter months, people are less likely to be out looking for homes because they’re trying to stay warm at home or snowed-in with family. So during the winter, you might want to choose a different time of year to put your house on the market!

Another factor is inventory levels. When inventory levels are low, it becomes a seller’s market, which drives prices up– sometimes drastically higher than what it would be if there were more properties available.

What is the Best Season to Sell Your Home?

Since most people are shopping for homes during a move, they require convenience, meaning they’re in a hurry to find a new home in the spring and summer. The best time to list your home to sell is when people are actively looking for homes.

For example, if you wait until July or August to list your home, it may get lost among other listings on the market. However, if you list your home during the winter months, there’ll be fewer listings available so that buyers will be interested right away.

What to do before you list your home

Now that you know the best and the worst time to sell a home, you might wonder what you need to do to prepare.

First and foremost, you should research the market.  You must look at the comp prices of homes similar to yours in order to determine current market value.  You should also explore what amenities homes in your area have and which ones people would want if they were looking for homes like yours. Once you’ve researched the market and know how much to list your home for, it’s time to stage it. If you’re listing your home at a higher price point or buying a particular type of buyer, then make sure your house is well-staged with those features (ex: stainless steel appliances). Now you’re ready for listing, showings, and open houses.

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