If you want to sell your home, and you don’t have the cash on hand to make repairs or fix it up, you may be considering selling it “as is.” The term “as is” simply means “in its present condition” and signals to potential buyers that they could be buying some problems along with the house. While that may put off ordinary buyers, it doesn’t faze a cash buyer.


It’s customary to repair a home and make it look good cosmetically before placing it on the market. That can be a financial nightmare if major repairs are needed. The cost of replacing a roof, furnace, or septic system can run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

You might be able to sell a home “as is” on the open market, but it could take a while before you get an offer. Not everyone wants to take on the added expense of repairing a house they’ve just bought.


When you eventually do get an offer on an “as is” house, you’ll then have to deal with inspections. The buyer will request a home inspection, and that could reveal even more serious problems than you knew about. 

At that point, some buyers will demand that you either make the repairs or lower the selling price. What can cause delays in the closing. Some will threaten to pull out of the deal.

Cash Sale

The uncertainty and long wait of selling an “as is” house on the market can be avoided by selling it directly to a cash buyer. Cash buyers specialize in buying homes that need repair and accept a home regardless of its condition. Their business involves buying “as is” homes, investing to repair them, and then reselling them.

A cash sale can close within a couple of weeks. There are no inspections involved, and you will never be asked to make repairs. You will pay no commission, fees, or closing costs.

Whether your home needs major repairs or just extensive maintenance, you probably won’t have an easy time selling it “as is.” The exception is the cash sale. By selling your home to a cash buyer, you can eliminate the wait, the hassle, and the expense of the traditional “as is” sale.

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