Land! Owning land can be very exciting, and while it may have seemed like a good idea when you bought it, circumstances tend to change. The annual taxes on land keep coming despite changes in your life and can end up being a severe drain on your finances. If you find yourself in the latter category and solving some problems could be accomplished by selling your land, maybe it is time. We will cover five reasons you should sell your land to [company] in [market_city].


One of the reasons you should sell your land to [company] in [market_city] is the speed with which we can buy your land. It is essential to understand that it typically takes much longer to sell land than houses—averaging between six and 18 months on the market. Working with [company] means closing is merely a matter of a few days or weeks away. The reason we can move so quickly is that we pay in cash. Because we do everything in-house, we do not need to go through any conventional lender, and you get to skip all of the red tape and scheduling appointments and go right to putting up your sold sign.  

No Cost

Unlike traditional real estate transactions, you will not have to pay any out-of-pocket expenses when you work with [company] in [market_city]. [company] does not work on commissions or brokers fees and no closing costs. Working with [company] means that you have a complete team of professionals at the ready, working for you. You will not be paying for any other services. These savings are another reason you should sell your land to [company] in [market_city].


At [company], we want you to feel good about the deal. That is why it matters to the professionals at [company] that you are in complete agreement that our offer is fair. You should sell your land to [company] in [market_city] because we do not play games with the numbers we provide you when developing our offer. At [company], we take the time to explain just how we reached our offer. What we offer is what you will walk away with at closing because no middlemen are dipping into the equity on your land to take a cut. 


You should sell your land to [company] in [market_city] because there are no last-minute surprises or hidden fees. Everything is upfront with [company], our contracts are simple, clear, and the transaction is straightforward. At [company], we welcome you to ask questions, which means our team is never too busy to explain how [company] reached the figures. We invite you to ask for an explanation of any part of the process that you don’t understand. 

Holding Costs

Because most buyers prefer a home in move-in condition, the buyers’ pool is small for land, so you need to keep in mind your costs to hold the land over that period when you have the cash offer from [company] in your hand today. Because you will not be waiting months or even years to find a buyer when you work with [company], you can relieve yourself of property taxes or solve other financial issues you face by selling your land to [company]  right now in [market_city]. 

Are you ready to learn even more about why you should be selling your land to [company] in [market_city]? We are happy to answer any questions you have with absolutely no obligation. Our focus is on you. Helping you solve your problems is what we do best at [company]. Contact us today at [phone] to find out how we can help.

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